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News from 2014

  • 2013-2014 has seen Dear Sister reach #1 on Roots Bluegrass charts and top charts in the National Bluegrass survey for over 8 months!
  • Richard Cifersky has released Louisa's song: "Hope Sings," based on a poem by Emily Dickenson, in the Slovak Republic, where he has toured his new CD extensively through Eastern and Western Europe.
  • Karen Lynne released "Will I Be Good Enough" in Australia this past winter, where it is now in the top 10 Country Songs in Australia! (June, 2014). Congratulations Karen!
  • Dear Sister is proving to cross boundaries, having topped charts in Roots, Bluegrass, and Folk music for an entire year since its release.
  • Louisa has completed her 2013 series "Beyond Bones: The Soul of the Song" and conducted her first 2 workshops for 2014. Many returning writers are now establishing and evolving their own professional careers as songwriters. It's been a great year at Woodsong Farm!!
  • --Nu-Blu has just recorded Louisa's song, Forgiveless! "I didn't think anybody would be brave enough to do this really dark, existential song!!! But Nu-Blu has completely captured it and it's stunning!"

News from 2013

Louisa has been nominated for IBMA Songwriter of the Year and "Dear Sister" (Branscomb/Lynch) was a 2013 Song of the Year Pre-nominee, while "Dear Sister", Claire Lynch's CD, whose title track was written by Louisa and Claire, is nominated for IBMA Album of the Year!

Louisa's other 2013 Activities: Featured artist: Daughters of Bluegrass Compilation; Keynote Speaker Conference on Women's Empowerment: Bad Girls and Banjos: How to Break the Wrong Rules the Right Way (Ferrum Coll); Podunk Bluegrass Festival Songwriter Workshop (Aug); Woodsong Winter Songwriter Retreat (Feb); Selected Dates with Jeanette and Johnny Williams; Also see Schedule. DEAR SISTER released on Compass!

News from 2012

Louisa's 2012 Accolades include: 1st Place, Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, Bluegrass (Stormy Night); IBMA Showcase Selection (Gone); recordings by Janet McGarry (2012 Recording of the Year, Eastern Canada Bluegrass Association), Richard Cifersky, Dawn Kenney (Women's Radio Selections of Note Selection!), Jeanette Williams, Jim Hurst, Nancy Beaudette (Roots Music Chart!) and others.

News from 2011

The big news is that my new CD of originals, "I'll Take Love," featuring 24 awesome guest artists including Dale Ann Bradley, Claire Lynch, John Cowan, Josh Williams, the Whites, Alison Krauss, Dave Peterson, Jim Hurst, Becky Schlegel, Steve Gulley, Alan Bibey, Missy Raines, Alison Brown, Rob Ickes, Stuart Duncan and more, co-produced with Missy Raines, will be out SOON.. and I've been nominated for 2011 SPBGMA Songwriter of the Year. It's a great convention, in Feb in Nashville - so come, join, and vote! (search SPBGMA).

scroll down for news on new cuts, new recordings, and just news.

Scroll down for snapshots of artists recording I'll Take Love!

Dale Ann Bradley (Don't Turn Your Back, Will I Be Good Enough, plus Music City Queen and Ghostbound Train with Dale Ann)
Janet McGarry (Wild Flowers on the Hill)
Lorraine Jordan (Carolina Hurricane, with Lorraine)
Lonesome Redwing (Lonesome Mountain Bird)
Drivetrain (History Book of Hearts, with Craig Market)
Fontanna Sunset (Cold December Wind)
Daughters of Bluegrass (Fool's Gold)
Fontanna Sunset (Fool's Gold)
Helping Hands Project (Woodsong, with Jane Baxter)
Honeygrass (Crescent City Flood)

OTHER NEWS! Highlights since moving to Nashville:

--Being nominated for Songwriter of the Year at SPBGMA!!! Please vote!
--performing with folks like Pam Gadd, Becky Schlegel, Diane King and others!
--working on the IBMA Songwriting Committee to present events for writers!
--the opportunity to work with the great artists on my new CD
--Dale Ann's cut of Don't Turn Your Back making it to candidacy for IBMA Song of the Year! And being on the charts for nearly a year!
--being able to work with Compass Records
--Dave Peterson singing "State Line" at the Station Inn
--Lorraine Jordan selecting our co-write for her new Title Cut
--Co-producing with Missy Raines and working with engineer Ben Surratt
--Dale Ann featuring 4 originals/co-writes on her CD Don't Turn Your Back
--working with Alison Krauss on the new CD for the first time since she recorded Steel Rails! What a special treat!
--all the incredible singers and players on the new project!
--writing a song about Texas -- and hearing the Whites sing it in the studio two weeks later -- what a transforming experience in the studio that day.
--working on new songs for Fontanna Sunset, Janet McGarry, and others
--some great songwriter rounds at Picks, Willhagan's, the Commodore, Nashville Palace
--concerts in Dalton at the old Depot, working with Helping Hands/Woodsongs
--new co-write with Claire Lynch… she will debut with her band soon!

and co-writing with friends: Dale Ann Bradley, Claire Lynch, Craig Market, Terri Corker, Becky Schlegel, Lisa Aschmann, Jon Weisberger,Tony Rackley, Diane King, Mark Brinkman, Irene Kelly, Lorraine Jordan and more

Thank you music friends, artists, listeners, and all!

Produced by Missy Raines and Louisa Branscomb
Engineer Ben Surratt  at The Rec Room Studio

Claire Lynch - Female Vocalist of the Year
Dale Ann Bradley - Three time Female Vocalist of the Year
the Whites - nationally acclaimed group featured in "Oh Brother"
Steve Gulley - Grasstown Bluegrass
John Cowan - one of the founders of the Newgrass Sound, Doobie Brothers artist
Josh Williams - reigning Guitar Player of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year
Becky Schlegel - award winning singer-songwriter
Missy Raines - 9 time bass-player of the year
Alison Brown - past winner, Banjo Player of the Year
Alan Bibey - past winner, Mandolin Player of the Year
Stuart Duncan - past winner, fiddle player of the Year
Jim Hurst - past winner, Guitar Player of the Year
Rob Ickes - reigining dobro player of the year

with mega-giant instrumentalists including:
Josh Williams
Missy Raines
Jim Hurst
Alison Brown
Rob Ickes

Ethan Ballinger
Dominick Leslie
Ben Branscomb
Shad Cobb
Mike Witcher

In the words of Dale Ann Bradley...

Louisa has amazing sensitivity in her writing. I have said that she is the best friend a train ever had, because she writes such great train songs. And that's true about most things she writes about.

I had the pleasure of co-writing the melody on "I'll Take Love." I loved they lyrics the minute I heard it. In it, Louisa vividly expresses emotions about love of the land, loyalty of an animal, a devoted life long relationship and the sweet assurance one gives the other when their life is at an end that they will take love, and that love will live on after them. Broken hearts and mended spirits also shine through in Louisa’s themes here. These songs together cover an amazing spectrum of human experience. They will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come.


Louisa has been actively performing this summer with Jeanette and Johnny Williams - a dynamic combination that combines Louisa's songwriter talent and stage performing with well-loved and nationally known Jeanette and Johnny Williams. Jeanette is a multi-winning vocalist as well as member of IBMA Recorded Event winners Daughters of Bluegrass, while Johnny is one of the early songwriters in bluegrass to contribute new, fresh sounds to traditional genre. This is a show that captures both ends of the bluegrass spectrum: The wistful beauty of Jeanette's pure, emotional singing along with the traditional bluegrass soul- sound Johnny brings. Delivering award-winning compositions by Louisa, with a perfect three-part blend, this group gives a stage show solid as the ground bluegrass grows in, and beautiful as the Kentucky sky.